Intern at the Forward

The Forward is seeking an intern to assist arts/culture editor Alana Newhouse. Position involves research and writing. Interns are paid for published articles, and may also receive academic credit. Candidates must be available at least 2 full days per week, for at least 3 months. Send writing samples, resume and cover letter detailing interests and availability to Wayne Hoffman at [email protected]. The Forward (www.forward.com) is America’s Jewish newspaper, and comes out weekly.

2 thoughts on “Intern at the Forward

  1. This is far and away the most offensive post I’ve ever read from you on this site.
    I’m actually not kidding.
    Guten Shabbos!

  2. America’s Jewish newspaper? I believe Jews in each major city read their own local Jewish newspaper rather than the Forward.
    Well, at least I do.

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