Bill Introduced To Fund Synagogue Security

The JTA reports, “A bill providing federal funds for security at Jewish and other non-profit institution sites was introduced in Congress. The High-Risk Non-Profit Security Enhancement Act of 2004, introduced Thursday in both houses of Congress, would provide $100 million for the Homeland Security Department to aid non-profit groups at risk of terrorist attacks, such as synagogues and Jewish day schools, as well as hospitals and community centers. ‘We’ve left vulnerable, very frankly, organizations that are out in the community that are such very tempting targets,’ said Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.), one of the bill’s sponsors.”

8 thoughts on “Bill Introduced To Fund Synagogue Security

  1. when was the last time a swastika was spraypainted on a mosque you heard of, eh?
    i dunno–i understand the need for the security beef-up; but i don’t feel comfortable with american tax dollars paying for it…

  2. There are direct threats from Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups that say Jewish institutions are potential targets. Plus intelligence reports threats against jewish institutions. None of this for Islamic institutions. Terrorism has not even just begun in USA in my opinion.

  3. Either way, isn’t it the job of the police to provide security? This looks to me like a whole lotta PORK — privatizing the job of the police AND getting different religious/non-profit groups to engange in stupid, destructive aguments about who’s more at risk (see above).

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