Bob Loeb's message about Simone Zimmerman, Bernie Sanders, and Israel
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Breira founder: Establishment has always attacked those like Simone Zimmerman

My name is Bob Loeb and I was the founding Executive Director of Breira: A Project of Concern in Israel-Diaspora Relations. Breira was the first national Jewish organization to advocate for what is now known as the two-state solution and to introduce the legitimacy of dissent in the midst of unquestioning communal solidarity with the standing Israeli government. It was founded by a group of young people who had met at a national Havurah conference in March of 1973.
We were bitterly attacked by establishment Jewish organizations for supporting the destruction of Israel., especially for advocating that Israeli have contact with the PLO, Breira was increasingly isolated, its members ostracized, and in the fall of 1977, the organization was dissolved. You can read more of my personal story of activism on the American Jewish Peace Archive website.
In December 2015, I met Simone Zimmerman through an intergenerational dialogue sponsored by the American Jewish Peace Archive. This is a video is in solidarity with Simone Zimmerman, the recently appointed and suspended Jewish Outreach Coordinator for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, and for her generation of committed Jews. #Simoneismydaughter

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