Don’t Fund UNRWA

Video notwithstanding, now that the Israeli’s removed it from the internet (not that anyone could verify the autehnticity of the “UN” on the van, duh) the fact remains that UNRWA has indeed admitted to employing members of Hamas. The ZOA is calling on the United States to halt its annual funding to UNRWA immideately until they quit having Hamas people on their payroll.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Fund UNRWA

  1. The whole purpose of UNWRA is to perpetuate the refugee situation, not solve it.
    Billions of dollars and euros flowed into the territories during ‘Oslo’, but in contrast to the settlers who bought land and built ‘settlements’ for tens of thousands of people, the Arabs and the UN built a few apartment buildings and kept the people in the ‘refugee camps’.
    It’s too bad only ZOA cares, where are the rest of the Jewish organizations?

  2. UNWRA is full of terrorists.
    Lets disband the UN and start a “League of Free Nations” for all democratic sovereign nations.

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