For those of you who STILL haven't had enough…

of Mel Gibson, Raleigh NC-based Oasys Mobile is giving away the ringtone of its dramatization of Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade for free.

When asked what kind of response the company has garnered from their “Mel in Malibu” ringtone, Oasys Chief Executive Gary Ban said, “Huge—absolutely huge.”

Imagine. Close your eyes and get the mental image of yourself, on a crowded bus. Then imagine yourself hearing, vaguely, bellowing from the pocket of the person next to you: “F**kin Jews!!”
Next stop, please…

One thought on “For those of you who STILL haven't had enough…

  1. It’s only a greatest hits, Y-Love. No juicy hooknose, heb or “Jews start all wars” comments. Futher, the voiceover doesn’t get into Mel’s soul… he says “he owns malibu” when clearly, Mel thinks Jews owns Malibu.
    Can’t believe I just listened to that. Twice.

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