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Get Excited for these Spring 2022 Classes from UnYeshiva

Right now, spring may seem impossibly far away, but starting on February 21, you can start a whole new season of classes with UnYeshiva, a center for Jewish education whose aim is to shake up Jewish education by empowering Jews who have been marginalized by traditional Jewish learning spaces. A project of Judaism Unbound, UnYeshiva offers live and asynchronous classes (which means you can learn on your own schedule, within a certain time frame).

Here a sneak peak at UnYeshiva’s Spring 2022 offerings:¬†

This too, is Torah (with Lex Rofeberg), starting February 21

Being a Secular Jew: Concepts, Practice and Possibilities (with Tova Birnbaum), starting February 22

Shmita: Putting Ourselves in the Practice (with Keshira haLev Fife), starting February 23

Unreliable Sources: What Jewish Texts Really Say About Holidays and Practices (with Dan Libenson), starting February 24

In addition to these new classes, you can also create your own by delving into the library of playlists featuring videos and podcast episodes.  Disrupt your notions of what Jewish learning can be Рand enrich it as a result.

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