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Hello Jewish Internet, We're Treyf Podcast!

We’re the co-hosts of a Montreal-based podcast called Treyf (hat tip to CKUT 90.3FM) and Jewschool has been kind enough to give us a new internet home.
We started the show out of a sense that existing Jewish media doesn’t adequately reflect the anti-colonial politics and leftist political orientation that informs our relationships to Jewishness. Every two weeks, we reflect on the political discussions that are happening (and not happening) in Jewish communities in North America and we will be posting the shows here as they’re released.
You can click here to listen to previous episodes or subscribe on any podcast app. Or if you hate audio but love social media, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Also, please send any feedback to [email protected].
Warm militant greetings,
Sam and David
PS. For any confused readers, the above image is an artistic rendering of the cross of secularism on top of Mt. Royal (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) looming over the city. 

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