How to debate Creationists without being boring

David Galbraith writes,

The problem with arguing with Creationists and the like is that it is not worth it and no fun. Who can be bothered to read through 5 pages of futile debate?

If someone persists in holding a view that they try and defend in quasi scientific terms, despite overwhelming contradictory evidence, then it isn’t likely that rational argument will change anything. A better challenge is to argue against irrational belief from that very standpoint.

In order to do this for evolution I have invented the notion of ‘Spiritual Darwinism’ a spiritual challenge to Creationism much as Intelligent Design is an attempt at a scientific challenge to Darwinism. Now you can use religious debating techniques:

Creationist: Blah blah blah – goes on for ages.

Spiritual Darwinist: You are wrong.

Creationist: Prove it.

Spiritual Darwinist: God spoke to me and told me that you are wrong.

Creationist: No he didn’t.

Spiritual Darwinist: You do not respect my faith – and you are wrong. Lucky for you that we Spiritual Darwinists do not burn heretics.

Oh, the sheer brilliance of tactical dialogue! (c/o Squoogy)

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