Israeli Crude Oil or Snake Oil?

Guardian (UK) reports:

The bible has inspired many to have faith in heavenly joy, but now an Israeli company believes it has helped it find wealth on earth.

In an announcement that could shift the power balance in the Middle East, it claims to have discovered a £3 billion oilfield in the centre of Israel. But Tovia Lushkin says his company, Givat Olam, needs £18 million to develop wells and extract the oil.


Lushkin is reticent on the subject of his divine inspiration in finding oil. ‘Usually people take it the wrong way. I am happy to discuss it with people who also believe. Others tend to be a bit cynical,’ he said.

But in past interviews he has revealed that his inspiration was chapter 33 of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament, in which Moses assures Joseph that his land will be abundant with fruit and minerals – Lushkin assumes this includes oil.

Full article here.

8 thoughts on “Israeli Crude Oil or Snake Oil?

  1. Quite exciting, though I don’t know if the oil is a blessing or a curse.
    The Arabs are probably worse off with it then if they would not have discovered it in the first place. Sure they’ve bought plenty of material goods, but the rest of their populations do not enjoy the riches like the ‘princes’ do. And when the Arabs run out of it in a few years (do a search on ‘peak oil’), all hell will break loose.
    The current ‘find’ is in an open field a stone’s throw from security fence and I suppose that the Palestinians will claim is on their land.

  2. yeah I agree with all josh said.
    If this is really publicized, the Palestinians will almost definately claim its their land. THEN see what will happen…

  3. Oil is power with wealth which buys many things in this world. Put togather with the faith in God Isreal could use this oil to protect itself, while doing good for other nations as well. If anyone reading this knows the phone # of the CEO in charge of the Givat Olam Oil Company please e-mail me this infro. I may be able to point them to the money to fund the project.

  4. This could set the stage for the war on Israel waged by a coalition of German, russia and Middles eastern powers prophesied by Exekiel (chs 38-39). This prophecy says that this coalition will will wage war to plunder Israel’s wealth. Could it be that just as the Arab nations start to run low on oil that Israel begins to fully develop her reserves.
    If this were to happen then the Palestinian would claim this land as their’s and the Jewish conspiracy nuts would claim Jewish. Both of these lies would be used as a pretext for invasion.

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