UN To Hold Conference On Antisemitism

Yes folks, the same organization that made an ex-Nazi Secretary General, voted Libya chair of the Human Rights commission, blames Israel squarely for the mid-east conflict just about 100% of the time, and has consistently refused to issue a resolution condemning antisemitism, is now intending to hold, for the first time, a conference on international antisemitism.

Oh, I can hardly wait to see this spectacle…

6 thoughts on “UN To Hold Conference On Antisemitism

  1. Have a little faith Mo. At least they are talking about it. It’s a step. Maybe in a couple of generations, they will actually be serious about it.

  2. Given the UN, I wouldn’t be surprise if the conference was about finding more effective ways of being blatantly anti semitic.

  3. I stopped taking the UN seriously when it’s effectiveness became a topic of debate for Junior Beginner. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Speech and Debate organization, Junior Beginner is kids who are in grade 7. Yup, 13 year olds debating the merits of the UN and whether or not it is an effective international organization.
    We should have a “What’s your Favorite UN campaign” poll.
    My vote would be for UNISOM II. Operation Restore Hope had nothing on it!

  4. That’s not the worst of it: the infighting between Jewish organizations to position themselves as the “guardians of the Jews against anti-Semitism” is going to be the real debacle.

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