Jew York: Now, With More Poodles!

Jew York
Today I was introduced to this video, which is by a lovely person who works with me. Mazal tov, Stacy, on your delightfully rhymed spoof! 
I think it’s fantastic.  The matching track suits!  The poodles!  The fancy cars!  It’s a lovely portrayal of my home, Jew York.
I bet you’re offended by her video, because of some of the salacious lyrics and imagery, and her statement about who is a Jew.  Feel free to snark in the comments, and definitely share it with your friends.
Behold:  Jew York!

6 thoughts on “Jew York: Now, With More Poodles!

  1. A) love reppin jew jersey (is that a thing?) In my juicy tracksuit and my freakin tiffany’s jewelry.
    B) those are some scary ass huge mother f*in poodles.

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