10 thoughts on “Jewish Globophobes Confront Economists @ Davos

  1. anti globalization has many strains, all the way from the nut cases like naomi klein who hates the west, western corporations, and decocracy. noreena hertz, on the other hand, is a free marketer who believes western governments have overloaded the 3rd world with impossible debt making their development impossible/difficult. i dont understand why theyre all lumped together as anti-globalizers, some of them make sense (jewish or not) and some dont. btw, anyone notice the result of the irqaqui elections – maybe bush isnt such a moron.

  2. I would say Jeff Sachs is far from anti-globalization, so I’m not sure the posting really describes what the article is about…But I would say it’s fair call Sachs an economic activist for the poor…

  3. yeah, “maybe bush isn’t such a moron.” if i recall correctly, it was ayatollah sistani who demanded open elections, against the bush admin’s original plans first to install chalabi, and then later to keep bremer in there for years. sistani unleashed his power and the bushies caved. how quickly they forget.
    oh, and naomi klein sure does hate decocracy.

  4. “how quickly they forget. ”
    Really? Spreading democracy in the Middle East was Sistani’s idea. I thought it was the evil Jew neocons. The “bushies caved”? Since when is respecting the wishes of the the majority caving? That sounds suspiciously like democracy to me.
    I hate to say this as a life-long democrat, but if Iraq moves towards democracy and Israel and Palestine reach some kind of aggreement, Bush is going to look very good to history. Still a big if.

  5. Look, if Iraq isn’t as calm as Sweden in six months, Bush failed. If one more person gets killed in Iraq, Bush failed. If the Iraqi democracy experiences so much as a minor corruption scandal, Bush failed.
    It’s called moving the goalposts.

  6. gee, sorry i misspelled “democracy”; i guess thats almost as bad a crime as wearing the wrong clothing (cf the dick cheney thread). bottom line, brown, asaf, mobius etc. is that iraq is starting to look like a major victory that may realign the entire middle east. we now know that arabs, like the rest of humanity, actually would like to control their own destiny through democratic processes and not leave their fate to the hands of dictators (obviously excepting islamofascists and palestinians). so big smile for todays vote, no telling what open arab societies with free elections might do to reform militant islamists and anti westerners. (hmmm, with the soviet union gone, and if the me actually opens up as well, who would our little lefty friends then emulate — i guess there will always be north korea

  7. and btw, what ever happened to holy terror? she (or whoever ht really is) was a brief shining light of enthusiastic counterbalance to to dominant culture of most of the contributors here. bring her back.

  8. Look, if Saddam Hussein isn’t dictator of Iraq anymore, Bush succeeded. If we reassured ourselves that there were no WMD in Iraq, Bush succeeded. If we only get blown up thirteen times a day, Bush succeeded. It’s called moving the goalposts.

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