Jewschool in USA Today!

America’s #1 newspaper, USA Today, ran a story today about online haggadot, and threw some love our way:

For folks who want to start from scratch, there’s a “Jew-it-yourself” Internet source at www.opensource haggadah.com, where you can mix and match a Haggada with passages reflecting every style of observance, says site co-creator Daniel Sieradski.
An American Jew now studying in Israel, he runs a blog, Jewschool, that claims 50,000 readers and has a network of 30 contributors. The blog is for those who, he says, want to “pry Judaism from the lifeless fingers of the Jewish establishment and serve it up to the public with the insistence ‘This belongs to you.’ ”
The opening page says any Seder is “kosher”: “The more personally invested and conscious you are of the design and execution of your Seder, the closer to the spirit of Passover’s liberation you will become.”

Word to your aunt. Wait til you see what we’re up to next. It’s coming…

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