Multifaith Mishegaas

  • Forget all those lame viral Passover parody videos. This commercial parody is by far the most prescient we’ve seen in a while. Behold, the McPassion.
  • After being wedded to the Scientology crazed Tom Cruise, will Nicole Kidman marry her new sweetie in a Catholic church?
  • And speaking of Scientology, Tom Cruise wants a rematch with Matt Lauer.
  • God-Mart Wal-Mart loves gays … sort of.
  • Does prayer work?
  • Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff sitting in a tree ….

One thought on “Multifaith Mishegaas

  1. So my local Wal-Mart’s gonna sell Brokeback? Good. Now if we could just get them to sell anything even remotely Jewish. Maybe they could take out one of their pork aisles and make room for some Manischewitz?
    And I’d be convinced on the prayer study if we knew the friends, families, etc. of the no-prayer group were actually refraining from praying. Besides, it’s not like they were doing it in Hebrew 🙂

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