Keep Sippin’ that Haterade

RHP‘s Shred Lexicon takes 50 Shekel to task for his half-assed act:

» Shred Lexicon initiates (under the impression that he’s e-mailing Shekel’s press agent):

If you’re the person responsible for all the mainstream press 50 Shekel has been receiving, please let me know who the hell you are and what you charge for a campaign. If you can get publications like Esquire, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and Blender to cover a joker like 50 Shekel, then I can only imagine what you might be able to do for a talented musical outfit that actually has an album out.

Shred Lexicon

» 50 Shekel responds:

Watch it bro’. I get my own PR. Apparently hundreds of thousands all over the world don’t think me and my spiel are a joke. See, this is what happens when you do something positive…ya get good press. Try it, and maybe you will too. Now you know and knowing is half the mitzvah. Later.

50 Shekel

» Shred Lexicon retorts:

Don’t get so offended, Shekel. Face it, you are what you are. A gimmick rapper. You wrote ONE damn song, and it’s just a corny parody. You’re Hardly as clever as you seem to think you are, and the lyrics of your parody only serve to perpetuate hackneyed stereotypes of Jews.

So don’t get it twisted, kid. Eventually you will be exposed for the fraud that you are. That much is certain.

» 50 Shekel gives up:

Oy vey.

I propose an MC battle. I wanna hear these cats rip each other in a freestyle cipher. I bet I know who’d win…

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