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KFC Havdallah? Nu?

This Shamir has been spending some of her vacation chillin’ out at Camp JRF, a beautiful community of a few hundred Reconstructionist Jews of all ages smack in the middle of the Poconos (northwest Pennsylvania).
Personally, I enjoy the variety of tunes at davening and people here enjoy sports in a way that works for me — not too competitive, and welcoming to people who are new to a particular game. The mountains are spectacular and the hidden waterfall in the woods is breathtaking. Since Reconstructionist Jews rarely get to frolic solely with their own kind, it’s clear that this place is a haven for many. Further, the feeling of community grows stronger every day — this is truly a camp full of love.
And, lest you think that such a liberal camp be lax or cheap on food, I was quite impressed at their kosher kitchen, as well as their regular vegan offerings.
So you can imagine my surprise when I noticed that the (silver) Havdallah set (no, not some cheesy wooden campy-model) was both stored and transported in a KFC bucket:

Nu? I was only somewhat calmed when it was pointed out to me that this is in fact an inside joke; apparently the Colonel holds a striking resemblance to Mordecai Kaplan, the key founder of Reconstructionist Judaism. You be the judge:
kaplanhav faceface

[Editor’s Note] I happen to think that Heschel looks waaaaay more like the Colonel. –Mobius

10 thoughts on “KFC Havdallah? Nu?

  1. i hear you, michael. as a vegan i’m with you on that – certainly makes it all the more shocking. camp jrf prides itself on having only 5 meat meals per week. i have to hand it to them — they are great at providing vegetarian options, including tofu scramble and quinoa for breakast and more than one type of veggie burger. oh and they have the most amazing salad bar!

  2. I have been a vegetarian for 7 years now. I don’t crave meat except when I smell KFC. My mouth also waters at the thought of Kaplan’s ideas. Now I know why. Thanks for making the connection shamirpower.

  3. I don’t crave meat except when I smell KFC.
    If the kosher KFC in Jerusalem (my only KFC experience) is typical (and I fully accept the possibility that it’s not), you’re not missing much. When I went there, the chicken was lukewarm and had clearly been sitting out for a long time.

  4. I agree BZ that KFC wasn’t anything special. But compared to the other American fast food offerings around the Holy City, I always gave KFC for being the most edible.

  5. JF – yeah these days i’m keeping the animal products to a minimum. no more hard boiled egg in my sabich. my new park slope apartment is totally vegan! hope to have you over sometime.

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