5 thoughts on “Mishegaas

  1. Why couldn’t iPhone at least take shower or wash his face before filming? It looks like he just finished playing basketball.

  2. hey, mob,
    i was intrigued by the scout thing but after reading it i think your description was off. it sounds like the muslim leaders left their scouts home (so the israelis weren’t the ones snubbing) and the real issue, it seems to me on the first read, was that these Muslims (like many American religious groups, who often tend not to understand Jews being an ethnicity in addition to a religion) expected the Israeli scouts to come and share something about their “faith,” Judaism. but the Israelis, it seems safe to assume, were of the secular sort that make up the majority in israel, and came to share what they saw as their culture – which to them was a national culture, not a religious one.
    i’ve always got an eye out for real acts of Zionist imposition or snubbery, so i don’t want to throw the accusation around where it’s not right. this to me seems like a case where that label is not deserved.

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