Lehrer Show Tackles Trendy Jewish Hipsterism

Jewsweek‘s Ben Cohen and Heeb‘s Josh Neuman appeared on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning to discuss the rising trend in Jewish hipsterism, with obligatory references to Jewcy, 50 Shekel, The Hebrew Hammer, and all your other favorite new-Jew clichés.

Sadly, Cohen comes off too conservative when compared to Neuman. But that only speaks to Cohen’s reverance of Judaism, as opposed to Neuman’s inclination towards secularity and Jewspolitation. To Neuman, one’s Jewish heritage is merely a source of fodder for jokes of poor taste; it is not something to be taken seriously. Heeb‘s for people who don’t know what it means to be Jewish and identify with kitschy clichés more so than Judaism itself. (Note to Neuman: Jewish grandmothers aren’t really funny!) Jewsweek, on the other hand, is the alternative to Heeb: It’s for Jews who know what it means to be Jewish and still have a sense of humor. It’s high-brow vs. low-brow. Interesting that Cohen should then be the one who found The Hebrew Hammer funny, and Neuman not. He’s probably just bitter he didn’t shoot the film himself.

Anywho, click here to listen in. (18 min., 16.4mb MP3 @ 128k enc.)

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