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LGF Wants a French Yellow Star

LGF propaganda minister Charles Johnson writes,

“Maybe they should paint the word FRANCAIS on their jackets. In big yellow letters. Because yellow really catches the eye.”

Sound familiar? Marking “undesireables” with a yellow symbol?

Oh, right—the liberals are the Nazis…How could I forget?

[Editor’s Note] You might notice that Charles has made it so that links to his site from our’s redirects to the Israeli Defense Force’s website. Cute. But, well, we’re not stupid. Both John Brown and I have also apparently been banned from posting to his site. That Charles sure does value himself some American ideals… like free speech. Hypocritical much, what?

13 thoughts on “LGF Wants a French Yellow Star

  1. Apparently the IDF site ( is down because of unexpected traffic.
    Yeah, Charles–great way to show support for the Israeli military, huh?

  2. Believe it or not I enjoy both your site AND LGF because they both stake positions not covered in the mainstream. That being said, I don’t understand the purposeful misrepresentation of LGF’s content.
    Here he was noting how ironic it is that a Frenchman, whose country opposes the war, was kidnapped in Iraq. He suggests (with an admittedly obnoxious sneer towards historical French inaction against anti-Semitism) that the French wear clothing so that the Iraqi insurgents realize that they are not their enemy.
    I don’t see how this has to do with marking anyone for death or eliminating undesirables. If anything, in theory, French lives might be saved by his suggestion. Besides, don’t the media already use yellow letters (or is it white) to identify themselves so as not to become potential targets?

  3. In 100% agreement with Howard. Love both sites and wonder why LGF is the new whipping boy on the net. Well, don’t have to wonder too hard…
    Charles takes a lot of shit for what others comment on his site. If he were to delete people’s comments, he’s a hypocrite who doesn’t pratice what he preaches re: free speech. If he doesn’t delete people’s comments, he’s a racist and yada yada yada. I dunno. I’ll tell you straight up, for those of us who genuinely fear for our safety and the safety of our friends and family at the hands of Islamic Fascism — and yes gentlemen, get your hooting and laughing and snorting done with — for those of us who genuinely fear this, LGF is a godsend.
    But I like Jewschool too so obviously I must have a screw loose somewhere.

  4. i guess maybe john misunderstood the context of the suggestion .. however, charles has deleted every comment john’s made to LGF, and both he and I are banned from posting there. so… the question stands–why is it okay for people to post racial epiteths against arabs on LGF, but it’s not okay for people to question those remarks on LGF?

  5. mo1 wrote: “ i guess maybe john misunderstood the context of the suggestion
    I don’t think I misunderstood the context
    Ricky Fitts wrote: “If he were to delete people’s comments, he’s a hypocrite who doesn’t pratice what he preaches re: free speech. If he doesn’t delete people’s comments, he’s a racist and yada yada yada.
    The thing is he DOES delete comments.. He deletes left wing Jewish people’s comments but he leaves up comments calling for genocide and ethnic cleansing, and the endless “vermin / subhuman / cancer” stuff

  6. I never had a post deleted at LGF. But the lack of honest discussion and the increasing reliance on insult and mischaracterization (goofing on screennames is annoyingly popular) got pretty old. On the other hand, it wasn’t always as bad as it is now.

  7. I was unaware that Charles was deleting any posts whatsoever. If this is true, and I have no reason to believe it isn’t, then I humbly ask to reassess my previous comment. If Charles is deleting comments based on his disagreeing with them on only one side of the political or argumentative spectrum, then I must reluctantly give up my support for LGF.

  8. It wasn’t so that Americans can identify Frenchpeople, but so the Jihadis can.
    Besides, you can’t wear a yellow star of David in France these days. It’d be an ostentatious display of religious affiliation.
    Oh, and Charles does delete extremist posts on both sides – for example posts with “Sand n*gger” (you can only tell they exist by the response).

  9. Deleting offensive posts is digging yourself a hole. Whatever you don’t have time to delete, you seemingly endorse by not finding it offensive enough to delete. It’s entirely valid that LGF be criticized for whatever disgusting comments are left, then. He should’ve decided one way or the other – censorship or not.
    If you’re in the mood to be depressed by LGF, check this out:
    It should take you about 5 minutes to find something that makes you cringe.

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