Literary Jews Strike D.C.

If you happen to be in or around D.C. through the 16th, check out The Hyman S. and Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival at the DC JCC. Some highlights:
~ Collaborative Poetry Workshop–11/9
~ Passions of the Matriarchs: Reading the Lives
of the Women of Genesis–11/14
~ SLAM! Spoken Words From the Fringe. Homeboy Matthue Roth and opener Ruby K treat us to their uniquely Jewish slam poetry, 11/12 at Teaism. This one is highly recommended. And if I see you there, I’ll buy you a drink.

5 thoughts on “Literary Jews Strike D.C.

  1. Figures- when DC gets a big Jewish cultural event I’m in NY. (So what’s on in NY this weekend?)
    And who are these other DC folks on here?

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