Rabbi Marvin Hier, head of the Museum of Tolerance, to give benediction at Trump inauguration
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Oppose Museum of Tolerance rabbi at Trump Inauguration

Above: Rabbi Marvin Hier surrounded by instances of anti-Semitism by the Trump campaign and its supporters.  
Over 35,000 Mormons have signed a petition against the Mormon Tabernacle Choir from performing at the inauguration of President-elect Trump.
Now the Jewish community is stepping up to object to Rabbi Marvin Heir, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its Museum of Tolerance, in a petition just started this morning. Started by Mya Stark of Los Angeles, she writes,

I am shocked and dismayed to see no such protest from Jews over Rabbi Marvin Hier’s agreement to deliver a “prayer” at the Inauguration. Hier is the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, named for the heroic Nazi-hunter, and the Museum of Tolerance — normalizing Trump with his participation will turn these organizations into a mockery and be a shame on the Jewish name forever.
Apparently, Hier thinks it is acceptable to legitimize and collaborate with a political figure who the KKK is literally marching in the streets to celebrate.

Supporters are invited to sign the petition and contact the Simon Wiesenthal Center directly at [email protected] or (310) 553-9036 and urge them to rescind Marvin Hier’s attendance. In the absence of clear condemnations of anti-Semitism from Trump or his administration, will the head of the Museum of Tolerance will stand proudly for intolerance?
The Museum of Tolerance has been the focus of ongoing controversy during Trump’s election, since its board and donors have featured high-profile Trump supporters, such as his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Republican Jewish Coalition board member Larry Mizel.
Last march, a former employee of the Museum of Tolerance, Scott Goldstein, excoriated the institution for its “unconscionable and deplorable” silence. Listing incidents of incitement that the Simon Wiesenthal Center ignored, Goldstein implored,

In the face of Trumps eight months of racism, misogyny, neo-fascism, calls for violence et.al. What exactly has the SWC done? Virtually nothing. […] There is no doubt that if Jews or Israelis were the target of Trump’s hate speech, the Wiesenthal leadership would be the first to publicly decry his venom. Are Mexicans, Muslims or women worth less than Jews?

Although since Trump’s election, it is now clear that Jewish institutions like the Jewish Federations of North America are even unwilling to condemn anti-Semitism from entering the White House.
Act now to express your dismay of those Jewish institutions who would buddy up to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and their hateful rhetoric.

7 thoughts on “Oppose Museum of Tolerance rabbi at Trump Inauguration

  1. Why would any Rabbi want to be at the inauguration of a Trump president to be, a man who is supported with no objections by neo nazis and other nationalist with such antisemitic and racist view and threatening actions?! Please, as a Jew who survived the Holocaust in utero and who’s family lived through that time I urge you to Please, nor attending the inauguration!!
    Thank you! Blessings!

  2. Do not speak at the inauguration of a hater, of an individual who violates the Jewish principle of “v’ahatva et reyecha kamocha_==love your neighbor as yourself. He is an advocate of incitement to intolerance.

  3. After decades of being a strong supporter of the Weisenthal Center, I will have to reconsider my support. For an organization that has devoted itself to tolerance and alerting us to anti-Semitism, it is shameful that the Rabbi should bless this man of hate, intolerance and bigotry. Yet alone, a man who is mentally unstable and a pathological liar. He is everything that the esteemed late Simon Weisenthal would detest and fight against. Have you no shame?

  4. So disappointed that Rabbit Heir is planning to provide support to a man so clearly in opposition to the values of The Museum of Tolerance.

  5. When will Jews realize that until the 1960s antisemitism was concentrated in the extreme right wing, since then it has mostly migrated to the left wing and “progressive” movements. It is often masked as anti Zionism, but when you look closely it is the same antisemitism.

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