Nationale Sozialisten fur Israel

This quote from Ha’aretz says is it all!

Another sticker shows a photo of Israel Defense Forces soldiers during the Second Lebanon War under the heading: “2,000 years of struggling to survive – respect to those worthy of it.”

The paper is reeling from the same news story that has the Jewish media up in arms, a Pro-Israel Nazi website!
That’s right folks, at least some Nazis are dropping anti-Semitism from their agenda!
If you read German, translate some of this for us at Jewschool who don’t.

11 thoughts on “Nationale Sozialisten fur Israel

  1. Wow. Just wow.
    This is actually really scary. The subtext is that their support of Israel comes from their identification with a Judenrein Germany. Read the Ha’aretz article, it implies that these folks wanted the Nazis to support Zionism as a ‘final solution’ to the Jewish problem. This is the ultimate expression of ethnic nationalism, and parallels the infamous Jews for trucks dealings between the Yishuv and the Nazis. In this way Nazism and Zionism have parallel philosophies, the ultimate shlilat ha’golah.
    Their quotes about supporting Israel out of the principals of Social Darwinism is also scary.
    Knowing the organized Jewish community, however, I am sure they will embrace these guys in the same way they have embraced evangelical zionists.

  2. A few more comments after reading parts of their website in translation (which can be found here. First, their meeting did not discuss ‘Islam’ as Ha’Aretz reports, but “Islamisation and counter measures”. They want to rid Germany of Muslims, just like they want to rid Germany of Jews. Later in the page the are critical of German politicians who “unleashed .. globalization and the mixing of peoples.”
    These folks did not suddenly discover some deep love and affection for Jews. They are still Nazis, they just have figured out that their nationalism and Zionism have become compatible, as ethnic nationalism dedicated to fighting to create homogeneous nation states (which means no Jews in Germany, and no Palestinians in Israel).
    For this confluence, we have only ourselves to blame.

  3. Perhaps unsurprisingly enough, isn’t this same logic Jabotinsky uses in the Iron Wall? The Palestinians should be respected for their interest in self-survival and self-determination, but if they bite the dust, all the better for the Jewish people?

  4. Hoax warning: this symbol looks suspiciously like some 80’s era ‘antifa’ symbols. Not saying it is a hoax, but be cautious.

  5. I’m just surprised it took this long. Is it a sign of the full mainstreamization of the Jew, when Presidential candidates vie for our support, and Nazis agree that we’re a nation like any other?

  6. I don’t wanna rain on your parade, yoseph — but after three millennia of ups and downs, and with less than a century between us and the Shoah, I say we’ve still got a reserved seat located squarely in the margins. Not that we should ever be content to stay there. With regard to these stranger and stranger bedfellows, I’m sorta waiting for a rain of shoes to start dropping.

  7. I’m with Che:
    It’s reasonable to consider that this might be a hoax. Anti-Semites on the “left” often produce a canard about a “secret Nazi/Zionist” alliance (it’s also a popular one amongst Islamic anti-Semites.) It’s possible we are looking at a disinformation campaign from a fringe left group posing as a fringe right group.

  8. Oh, I don’t know . . .
    It seems utterly consistent to me that the Nazis would want us all in one, walled in geographic space, surrounded by enemies.
    Like, um, Warsaw.

  9. Wow, I didn’t know about that. I read parts of their page it’s just horrible! Let me quote something:
    “Sag´ uns doch einer, was es auf sich hat, mit den jüdischen 12.000 Frontsoldaten, die im 1. Weltkrieg ihr Leben für das deutsche Reich gaben? Meint tatsächlich einer, sie wurden alle gezwungen? Auch die in den oberen Rängen? Tapfere Soldaten, verdammtnocheins, waren das und wir ehren sie, als Kämpfer für Deutschland, die mehr gaben, als alle, die sich heute nationale Sozialisten schimpfen! Und trotzdem: Der Platz ihrer Enkel und Enkelinnen ist nicht in unserer Mitte, er ist bei ihrem Volk, in Israel.”
    “Someone tell us, what is it about those 12.000 jewish soldiers who gave their lifes for the German empire (Reich) during WW I? Does anyone think they were forced to do so? Also the ones on top level? Damn, they were brave soldiers and we do honour them. Them who gave more as fighters for Germany than all those who nowadays claim being socialists. And still: Their grandsons’ and granddaughters’ place is not among us. It is with their people, in Israel.”
    It’s really bad language. And to me it does seem antisemitic. What do you think?

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