Orthodox Women Speak Out

Apparently, Orthodox women have voices (who knew?), and are sharing them together in a new blog: Voices from Our Side of the Curtain.
These anonymous frumme-guerrilla girls are digging into some pretty meaty stuff. Apparently it’s for an upcoming performance piece, “Vagina Monologues”-style, and they want to open up the field a little bit, hear from some more kickass orthochicks like them.
If you’re into the whole revolution-from-within thing, check it out.

8 thoughts on “Orthodox Women Speak Out

  1. Invented by some good creative writers. I enjoyed reading the pieces immensely but I thought some of the pieces were too polished, more of an exercise in fiction than autobiography. But that’s just the way they smell.

  2. I’m glad that some others picked up on the oddly good quality of the writing. I don’t assume that Bais Yaakov girls cannot write well. On the other hand, the voice heard in some of the posts is very fluent and literary, like the work of a fiction author trying to get inside the head of a frustrated orthodox teen.
    I don’t think that any of the sentiments expressed are necessarily false. The messages contained in the post present real issues that should be addressed. But, if they are fiction or fictionalized, they should be presented as such.

  3. Or, maybe they thought about what they would write, considered the delicacy of their topics, and put their best feet forward.
    I know, crazy move in the blogging world, but hey, it’s better than calling them liars.

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