Partners for Progressive Israel on the Ben and Jerry’s Announcement to Stop Business in the Settlements

This statement replaces an earlier post, which was removed at the request of its author.

As we all know by now,  Ben & Jerry’s has decided to stop doing business in the settlements, while continuing to do business within Israel’s sovereign borders. While Partners for Progressive Israel does not support any form of BDS, Ben & Jerry’s public recognition of the Green Line between Israel and the occupied territories is a cogent reminder that the decades-long Occupation cannot and will not be wished away, neither by plaintive appeals to Biblical title, nor glitzy PR (hasbara) campaigns.

The occupation, a system that includes land theft, draconian limits on freedom of movement, home demolitions, arrests without trial, and more, constitutes a system of oppression that violates human rights. It is undermining Israel’s morality and, ultimately, its own security, and, as the Ben & Jerry’s affair clearly shows, the international community is growing visibly weary of its perpetuation and expansion without any sign of a political horizon.

Partners for Progressive Israel is a progressive American Zionist organization dedicated to the achievement of a durable and just peace between the State of Israel and its neighbors, which includes an end to Israel’s occupation based on a two-state solution.

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