Sippin’ The Haterade

In a frontpage post, Laya on Jewlicious writes,

If we lose Best Israel Advocacy Blog to Jewschool I am seriously going to cry.

I think the exclaimation mark next to the best Israel Adovcacy Blog nomination in our sidebar served to express my own surprise at the nomination, let alone success in that category. I don’t regard Jewschool as being anti-Israel, but I do certainly see it as being critical of Israel, and for that I can understand why people wouldn’t regard it as a website which advocates on Israel’s behalf (though I would argue that being critical with the intent to improve is a form of advocacy in its own right). And that’s ok. I think that there’s a place for that. There are plenty of websites that give unyielding support for Israel from a Jewish perspective. There’s a place for one that gives vocal critique from a Jewish perpsective as well. That’s why we linked up with Jewlicious – because there’s a big pool of opinion and in that, there’s room for everyone. There’s no need to hate.

On the other hand, that I lost to Jewlicious for best designed blog, makes me want to cry. Anyone can modify a WordPress template. But few people can successfully pull off a Noam Chomsky vs. Rav Kook deathmatch! I mean, cough. Look familiar? (This, BTW, is entirely frickin’ cool. Is there a chance in hell we could do one like that for Jewschool?)

Final score: Jewschool, 3rd best overall blog. 2nd best group blog. 2nd best designed blog. 3rd best Israel adovacy blog. 3rd best Jewish culture blog. Taking, all in all, #2 to Jewlicious. Word. I acknowledge defeat. It’s all gravy. That a site which at times expresses views as seemingly unpopular as some of them are got as far in this contest as it did is statement enough in-and-of itself. And for that, I can walk away an immsensely satisfied loser.

8 thoughts on “Sippin’ The Haterade

  1. Moby! Dude. The results you are citing are preliminary. They mean nothing. I come to you here in the spirit of friendship and open dialogue to tell you that whatever the final results are, Jewschool is a very important site, one that as you know we visit often. Agree or disagree I think we all pretty much know that you are motivated by a genuine love of Israel and Judaism. So don’t let some silly contest get you all pissed. It’s meaningless. You’re doing high quality and important work. Stay the course and be cool.
    Post more cat pictures. Apparently that goes over really well with the voters.

  2. If you love your mother and are an adult, you won’t let her poison herself or throw all her money into a scam. If you “love” your mother and are five years old, you will not hear criticism of her. It’s the same with “loving” a country by pretending its government is made up of angels or loving a country by pointing out its flaws.

  3. Hey Mobius do you outsiders post original discussion blirbs?
    I have a few interesting ones – yes a little like your sister but I will say it clear and defend what I say.

  4. Oh, why not.
    If you love your mother and are an adult, you won’t let her poison herself or throw all her money into a scam.
    You’ll do much more. You’ll take out full-page ads in local newspaper decrying what she eats and calling her an anorexic hag. You’ll stand outside her house with a bullhorn, loudly comparing her IQ to that of a donkey.
    And when anyone suggests that what you’re doing might be, erm, counterproductive, you’ll engage in lengthy explanations of how, really, the comparison kind of makes sense when you think about it. Failing which, you’ll explain that it’s a tool for engaging critical thought among your mom’s employers and colleagues, and is likely to help get her on the straight and narrow path.
    Those bar graphs are neat-o, though!

  5. i’ve never quite grasped the rav kook/chomsky thing – it seems kind of boring…what were you trying to say? i liked the random splattering better, with that washed out chosid…

  6. surprise that so many Israelis are waking to see that “my country -right or wrong” is not a Jewish attitude where – define right and wrong are above nationalism. A country- any country – is not a moral entity but a power structure. and criticism of Israel by Israelis is out of love and not to be dismissed as self-hatred – the mother example is a case in point. my take is that Israel has adopted the Holocaust as official catechism and the IDF as its god and its time to chill out – jews are not hated everywhere. countries which use muscle provoke fear. The ones gain from the continuation of this arab/jewish conflict are the ones who have salaries from “defense” and the real war in Israel is against traffic accidents, ignorance. and tooth decay. – blurt blurt

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