Stav Shaffir Oct-15-2015 speech
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MK Stav Shaffir rebukes Netanyahu in Knesset

MK Stav Shaffir gave an impassioned speech to the Knesset on October 12th, decrying the “wave of terror” in which Israelis “are afraid to wait at the bus station” or “to go to the market.” Shaffir asserts: what is needed are “solutions.”
She criticized Netanyahu for his inaction and enflaming speeches that avoid the real problem. According to Shaffir, Netanyahu’s lack of policies have led to “the disintegration of the State of Israel and the disintegration of the Zionist dream.”

“A Prime Minister and true leader provides for the security of Israel and its citizens – and this security will come if and only when we reach a separation from the Palestinians…”
“A true leader would put a stop to the excessive funding of the settlements, recognize that this project simply can’t continue, and move funding to the periphery and to integrate Arabs into the State of Israel, so that an Arab child can feel Israeli exactly the way a Jewish child feels Israeli in a shared Israeli identity…”

The speech concludes with Shaffir recounting recent conversations with settlers.
“I asked them, ‘What are the solutions?’… One of the most frequent responses was that we are always going to be living under attack… Recurring waves of terror with war and military operations…is the life we’ve been condemned to.”

“The State of Israel deserves much better than this. It deserves real security and real peace. The youth of Israel deserve to know that we are heading to such a solution – that we are on the way to a strong Israeli society that sees a future ahead and not only fear. We mustn’t accept a fate of unceasing fighting and endless fear. We need to strive for a different reality – and we can – because there are solutions here on the table in front of us. They just demand a little courage.”


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