11 thoughts on “The Weblog of Anne Frank

  1. Just one you thought, things couldn’t get any lower, I’m amazed Live Journal allows it.
    Maybe if Anne Frank’s diary was shown on the web as a proper blog, that would be a good idea.
    But that link just made me sick and I have a very open mind.

  2. How bad could this be, I thought before clicking onto the site? Trust me, it’s that bad.
    The faux blog of Anne’s diary isn’t even remotely funny and is beyond tacky, goes well into sick and very well might be classified as evil.
    If the creator of this site wants to spew their hateful nonesense, so be it – it’s a free country. But they don’t have the right to hijack Anne Frank’s work to further their own very twisted agenda.

  3. I’m going to toss this site in with other forms of Jewish experimentation. If Spinoza can question traditional view of G-d, and some Jews rationalize eating pork, and Mobius with his crowd of “progressive Jewish communities online”, do any of you really expect the Holocaust or Anne Frank to be off limits? I seem to recall Larry David’s shtick about who is a survivor getting a lot of praise on this site.
    Although, as an educational tool, displaying Anne’s actually journal as a blog would be a pretty thing. Any here have the time or passion to work on that?

  4. That blog is horrific and it sickens me that so many people could support it and find it funny. Also of note, the writer is a member of the group “white_racialism”.

  5. its bad humor. best just ignore it.
    so i am interested in what people think about holocaust humor in general. its very popular in israel for some reason.

  6. Anne darling,
    You blog is not sophisticated, repeats jokes (the diet one), and is in very bad taste. I cant believe mobius even posted it on this website..

  7. Anne Frank [[email protected]]
    Poor taste indeed. I wonder where the anonymous Anne Frank is from, anyway? Presumably her IP address — Movable Type logs these automatically — would clue us in. Mo?

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