So. Yeah. Thanks to JDub Records’ blog for pointing out that someone has got it in their heads to make an epic biopic about Moses–with green screen technology all around. So says the post at JDub:

According to 20th Century Fox, “The Moses story will be told using the same green screen strategy as ‘300,’ so it will feel more like that pic or ‘Braveheart’ than ‘The Ten Commandments,’ the 1956 Cecil B. DeMille film.”

So this movie is gonna be kind of like if Moses led 300 ancient commando Israelites out of Egypt while epically battling Pharaoh, who, in this version, will have a mysteriously and inhumanly deep voice. God help us.

The good news?

The popular mythical and magical elements inherent in the Book of Exodus will be there–including the plagues visited upon Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea–but [this] version will also include new elements of Moses’ life that the writers culled from Rabbinical Midrash and other historical sources.

Midrash, you say? Historical sources? Now I’m interested. Hopefully they’ll be wise enough to emulate DreamWorks, who, wile producing their super-awesome Prince of Egypt, hired acclaimed and also super-awesome biblical translator Everett Fox to be a consultant on the film.
For more on my love of Prince of Egypt and or Everett Fox and of their connectedness, check out this post at The Reform Shuckle.

9 thoughts on “This! Is! SIIINAAAAIIIIIIIII!!!!!

  1. DAMW-
    Josephus wrote in Antiquities of the Jews that Moses was a commander of the Ethiopian army against Egypt. There are allusions to it in midrashic literature and in the gemara.

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