Today I am a Man, Tomorrow My Dad Goes Into Solitary Confinement…

This just in on the AP wires:

A convicted scam artist was able to pull off a lavish bar mitzvah for his son featuring kosher catered food and more than 60 guests at a New York City jail.
His accomplices apparently were jail employees, including a chaplain. A Correction Department spokesman confirmed that five staff members were disciplined over the Dec. 30 bash.

4 thoughts on “Today I am a Man, Tomorrow My Dad Goes Into Solitary Confinement…

  1. The Bar Mitzvah was the work of a Satmar insider tied to the Guiliani administration. He is now no longer a part of the NY Correction system.

  2. Searching for something else and the headline caught my attention here. I can tell you two things about this man: 1) He is INDEED an artist, and 2) He loves his son. I’m sure his time in solitary was a small price to pay in exchange for the joy of being able to do this for his son. Here is a man who could solve the world’s problems if only he would use his talents differently. The same could be said for many people in prison, I’m sure. But, for this one act of love, I am not mad at him…even if, in some small way, my tax dollars paid for it.

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